Cheese Cookies

On to Episode 2! Biscuits!

British – American: biscuits = cookies. Also maybe crackers?
Bakers time: 2 hours  My time: 2 hours

For this signature challenge, the bakers were asked to create 36 savory biscuits of uniform size, shape, and quality. A lot of people may know that cookies are referred to as “biscuits” in the UK. But apparently it is possible to have a “savory” biscuit, which, as far as I can tell, is closer to a cracker. It really appears to be situational. If it’s crispy, they might call it a savory biscuit, or a cracker. If it’s not crispy (just crunchy or chewy or whathaveyou) it’s just a biscuit. I’m not sure I have a good grasp of the nuance, even after hours of research.

I decided to bake something that I thought would be a good appetizer/party snack, and would use one of my favorite cookie implements – a press. I found the recipe here, where it’s called a cracker. I’m calling it a cheese cookie, and no one can stop me. I love cheese so this totally works for a signature challenge. I added some poppy seeds on top. Just for color. And nuttiness.IMG_2468

You guys. This recipe calls for a pound of cheese. A pound. Of. Cheese.

It’s so beautiful.

It also called for it to be shredded.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. I put it through the food processor.

IMG_2469So, you cream the cheese and the butter. FINALLY! I get to cream something! Then add the remaining ingredients and it makes a pretty nice dough. Like orange play-doh.

Pop that in the cookie press, spritz your little heart out! I’m sorry I don’t have any process shots here, it’s hard to spritz while operating a camera and I had no help today.


These, for example, suck.

I will say, I know a lot of people are a little bit afraid to use a cookie press. I love my cookie press. Just, you know, be patient. Your first few will suck. Scrape them back up and go again!

My first batch got a little brown.

The second batch I forgot the poppy seeds.

I was starting to get nervous, considering I needed to come up with 36 of these bad boys, and my remaining dough was dwindling. Hey, Dwindle is a fun word.

Then I made what could have been a fatal mistake. I multi-tasked. But it was dinner time, and I was hungry. And the husband was hungry. So I managed to not scorch any cookies, and though they all ended up being a little browner than I intended, at least they all matched. And they were yummy. And not just because I was hungry. FYI, I also overcooked the pasta. So, bakers, don’t multi-task. You end up doing all the things poorly. Unless you’re just better at it than me.IMG_2481IMG_2485IMG_2486

They ended up being a kind of crunchy AND chewy consistency, which was intriguing. And I had 36 of them that looked enough alike that no one could complain about it! Mary and Paul would like them, I think.

I took them to a party that evening and no one, you know, spit them out or anything.

But sadly, they didn’t keep. I was really hoping these might turn into something I could make at the Holidays to keep around, the way I do spritz cookies, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case, they drew too much moisture even in a sealed Tupperware. sigh. Maybe I’ll keep trying. Who can resist a recipe that calls for a pound of cheese?!





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