Non-challenge bake

So, if I baked nothing but GBBO bakes for the next xx years, before I was done I would probably throw my oven out of the side of the house, incredible hulk style. In order to keep my sanity, and to keep the creativity flowing, I will occasionally be bringing you bakes that have nothing to do with Britain, Mary Berry, or a big white tent. This one has everything to do with me having leftover bananas.

I have a very loving, supportive relationship with banana bread. I love to make it, I love to eat it, and it reminds me of my mother.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, you should know that my mother died 10 years ago this December. I say this not to elicit sympathy, but to let you know that 1) My particular love affair with banana bread originates with the fact that she made the BEST ever banana bread, and 2) I can’t just call her up for her recipe.

So I had these leftover bananas, and I had not had any banana bread in a while, so I figured it was time.

I do have a recipe that I fall back to a lot- from e a copy of the ubiquitous red and white checkered Better Homes and Gardens. A gift from Mom. It has a pretty good banana bread recipe, and it’s always close to hand.img_2540

This dish towel is a heirloom from my husband’s family.It’s an equal opportunity emotional manipulation.
img_2543I also happened to have a nectarine lying around. Don’t ask me why there was a single nectarine sitting lonely on my counter, but I decided that I would put it to work as well.

I was a little worried that the addition of the nectarine would make the batter runny, but it seemed like a pretty good consistency as it went into the pans.

IMG_2545.JPGI decided at the last minute that I would make up the crumb topping that comes with the recipe. I don’t usually make it, even though I do enjoy a good crumb topping. But, I whipped it up, and sprinkled it on. It makes a lot… way more than I expected.  I piled it on all the same – the more the better, right?

Mmmm… Butter and brown sugar.


It looks like a chubby little face. Like mine after I eat it.

As I pulled the bread from the oven, I could see that the topping had collapsed the top of the loaf. Not a big deal, of course, I figured it would just bake in (though Paul Hollywood would NOT approve of the sunken top).

I could barely wait to cut off a slice and… it was delicious. I could not taste the nectarine at all though.


I cut a second slice, and, horrors! it appeared to have a RAW MIDDLE. I was devastated. How could it be raw? I stuck in a cake tester! I baked it correctly! Something must have gone wrong – the nectarine?

I couldn’t help myself. I was going to eat it anyway, maybe just nibble around the raw bits…

And you know what? I was wrong.

It had sunk all the way down and created a gooey, sugary core throughout the loaf. I probably couldn’t have made that happen if I’d been trying.

Next time, maybe I will try!


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